An Ode to Vaporizers


Posted by | Posted in Herbal Vaporizers | Posted on 21-12-2014

Hello vape enthusiests.

Sometimes inspiration strikes at the most random times. So I’ve included a love poem I wrote to my vaporizer. Ok, I know that sounds corny but what the hell this is the Internet. At least it’s not a meme, right?

I also have been really enjoying my extreme q vaporizer I picked up recently. I had been using a log style for the better part of a year until I realized I just wasn’t able to get the “big hits” I often times enjoy. I honestly don’t understand why people still use volcano vaporizers when alternatives like the extreme q exist at a fraction of the price.

I suppose paying for a brand name is not uncommon, it’s great marketing on their part. But we’re smarter than than that, right?

Moving on, the site will be undergoing a lot of change so be sure to check back often. I’m not looking to do reviews like every other site out there, but instead focus on the ever growing popularity of vaporizers and helping to increase awareness that this option even exists.

I can honestly say that before a few years ago I had never heard of such a thing. All the wasted money and extra carcinogens  inhaled makes me a sad toker.

Either way, without further waiting.


An Ode to My Vaporizer

Oh my vaporizer, you help me in so many countless ways.

Like how you’ve taken the butane out of my purple haze.

And flavor? Oh yes more than you’ve ever known

Sucking on a smoke pipe is like gnawing on a bone.

And one other thing oh vaporizer, about your gentle pull

of heated air over the green, science has never been so practical.

So I’ll pass on fire, natures destructive force.

Instead I’ll breath in the clouds while on my flying horse.


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